Falmouth Dance Academy

Class Attire:

It is essential that the correct dance attire is worn during class (this includes shoes). We ask that hair is up during all classes. Please no t-shirts or street clothes. You may be asked to leave the class if the proper attire is not worn. Sweat shirts and sweatpants may only be worn during warm-ups, then they must be removed. The only classes permitted to wear street clothes is hip hop classes.


Please notify us in writing if you find that you need to withdraw from a class or the program. You will be responsible for tuition up to and including the date of withdrawal.

Cancellations due to weather:

In case of inclement weather, you may call the studio at 508-540-4401. We will leave a detailed message on the answering machine whether there will be class or not. You can also log on to our website for this information. Cancelled classes will not be re-scheduled due to inclement weather. There will be no deductions on tuition due to inclement weather.


There is a $50.00 deposit on each costume ordered. The deposit is due by Oct.31. Balances for costumes are usually a small amount, this will be due by the following Feb. 28. Costumes cannot be distributed to any student who has an outstanding balance on tuition or costumes. We distribute costumes directly to your child, around April. We ask that you keep all balances current, we do not want any hard feelings if a child does not receive a costume due to unpaid balances. If your child is not participating in the dance recital, a written statement is needed by October 31. After this date no costume refunds will be made.

*we will add costume deposits to your billing statements in Sept.

*we will add costume balances to your billing statements in Jan.


Most costume companies will only distribute so many of each size costume to dance studios. Costume distribution will finalized by the teachers. We will do our best to insure your child has a proper fit. Parents are responsible for alterations.


Please keep in mind how difficult it is to keep every parent informed regarding schedule changes, special happenings, recital information etc… We will post periodic bulletins on our website as well as inside the studio. A special note to parents who drop off and pick up later, we ask that you please check the waiting room inside the studio periodically for special information that could be posted. This is especially crucial towards the end of the dance year (from April-June) when important recital and costume information is pertinent.


We will be strongly enforcing the following competition attendance policy:

1. During competition season (Jan-June), ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY, this is for regularly scheduled dance classes, as well as, additional classes needed to get ready for competition. No more than 3 unexcused absences will be allowed. Other sport commitments will be considered an unexcused absence. After 3 unexcused absences, a phone call will be made to the parent, this phone call serves as a violation or warning, that your child is out of compliance with our attendance policy.

*excused absences are the following: a graded school project (other than regular homework), family emergency, vacation and illness.

2. There will be no tardiness or early departure from class 2 weeks prior to any competition. If a student is 15 minutes late or leaves 15 minutes early, during this time period, it will count as an unexcused absence. This will jeopardize the students position in line. The teacher has the right at any time to move any students positions in line for competition, or recital purposes.

3. If attendance and tardiness becomes an ongoing concern, the teacher can remove that student/s from competition.

Monthly Statements:

Each student will receive a monthly billing statement. This includes students who are paying by semester and annually. Even though you might not owe anything that particular month, it is good practice to review your bill. Parents who drop off their children, please realize that we do hand statements directly to your child after class, on the last class of each month. *please note a $20.00 charge will be added to your billing statements from Jan-June to cover the costs of extra dance rehearsals and coaching fees, to prepare for competition.